ORANGE COUNTY – Orange County Commissioners will discuss how actions by the General Assembly will impact voters when the board meets Tuesday.

The recently passed House Bill 589 contains a host of revisions to state election laws. Orange County Elections Director Tracy Reams will update the board on how the bill will change the way elections are held this year and in years to come.

The new bill ends preregistration for 16 year-olds, but starting October 1, the board of elections will assemble bi-partisan teams to help with absentee ballots in hospitals and nursing homes.

The county board of elections will also begin sharing information about how to get a photo ID for use when voting in future elections. Photo ID will be mandatory by 2016.

County commissioners will also review the progress of the Rogers Road Task Force and review the operation agreement for the Rogers Road Community Center.

The board meets at 7:00 p.m. in the Southern Human Services Center on Homestead Road.