GREENSBORO – The United States Postal Service has decided not to move its Timberlyne office after careful consideration, according to spokesperson Monica Coachman-Robbs.

“The Postal Service is reaching a permanent agreement with the landlord regarding the current space,” Coachman-Robbs says. “We’re looking at reconfiguring the space. The plan is still to move the carriers out of the post office at Timberlyne into the Carrboro post office, but that would not take place until later in the summer or early fall.”

The evaluation of the space was done as part of a nationwide process in the attempts of saving money for the USPS. The building in the TimberlyneShopping Center is 11,000 square feet; the amount of space needed once the carriers are moved is only 2,500 square feet. With the agreement that was reached, the current space will be modified to only have retail services such as the P.O. boxes and the purchase counter.

Coachman-Robbs says it should have little to no effect on the customer’s everyday use when those changes take place.

“Everything would remain basically as it is now,” Coachman-Robbs says. “The changes that would happen behind the scenes would simply involve the carriers moving. But regarding delivery to our customers in Chapel Hill, there’d be no changes expected with the move even when it happens. As far as the retail modifications, there’d be no changes to retail access while that’s going on.”

Recently, some Chapel Hill residents have received notices in their mail that due to the recent high volume of mail in the area, delivery could be slightly delayed. Coachman-Robbs says this has nothing to do with any changes in the postal service, but is in fact a good sign for the company that reported a national first-quarter loss in 2013 of $1.3 billion after a $15.9 billion loss for fiscal year 2012.

“That’s just a good sign that there has been a higher volume of mail than normal,” Coachman-Robbs says. “And so, as we’re receiving that mail into our offices, some of our carriers are getting out a little later than they normally would, but that’s certainly good news for the postal service. A lot of it is a result of some new agreements we’re making with our customers.”

She says a lot of the small-business customers are taking advantage of some of the deals like a new program called Every Door Direct Mail the post office currently has to offer them.