CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt was one the hundreds of drivers stuck in a traffic jam Wednesday due to the snow. He said he was trapped on Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. for several hours before he made it home.

Kleinschmidt spoke with WCHL’s Aaron Keck Thursday evening as the second wave of winter weather was moving out of our area.

“This is not a time, just because the snow has stopped falling, to get out and venture in a car. I hope people will let our Public Works folks get their jobs done,” he said.

As many people did, Kleinschmidt said he tried to stay off the roads Thursday as road conditions were still treacherous.

“I’ve been trying, as I have been telling other folks to do, to stay out of the way of our Public Works and emergency personnel so they can get their work done, and they can get these streets cleaned up and create a safe environment for us,” he said.

Kleinschmidt said like the initial response to the storm, the clean up and recovery efforts will be a community-wide endeavor.