An Orange County woman is undergoing treatment after a rabid skunk scratched her.

Officials say the Schley area resident found her dog “interacting with a juvenile skunk” on her property on Monday.

The skunk “ran up to her and appeared to scratch her on the leg” while the resident was trying to remove her dog from the situation.

The woman was able to use a laundry basket to trap the skunk and called Animal Control. Testing revealed the skunk had rabies, according to the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health, which was the third positive case of the year in Orange County.

The victim in this case is now undergoing a series of shots, according to the county. The dog was up to date on vaccinations, meaning it could receive a booster shot and remain with its owner.

According to state law, any unvaccinated animal that comes into contact with a rabid animal must be quarantined for up to four months or euthanized.