DHIC has been awarded tax credits for a second year in a row to develop an affordable housing community in Chapel Hill.

DHIC is a non-profit organization based in the Raleigh area that has worked for over four decades to develop affordable housing communities in the Triangle.

The Town of Chapel Hill has donated nine acres of land on Legion Road for DHIC to develop two affordable housing projects Greenfield Commons and Greenfield Place.

In addition to the donation of the land, the town is providing $450,000 low-cost loan to the Greenfield Commons senior-housing development.

President of DHIC Gregg Warren said the donations provided by Chapel Hill was the most crucial part of making the project happen.

“What really impressed us was our partnership with the Town of Chapel Hill to make this happen. We have been so pleased by the support we have received from both the town council and the town staff,” Warren said.

Warren said despite the normal high-cost of living in Chapel Hill, the town has been easy if not easier to work with than other towns in the Triangle.

“I think it’s no secret that it is difficult to develop in Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill has very high standards for housing and any kind of development work, there is a vibrant public participation process that can take a while to get approvals,” Warren said.

Warren said the rigorous approval process may be keeping other developers away from the area.

“I think that some developers, maybe even affordable housing developers, choose not to work in Chapel Hill just because it’s what we call a high-barrier to entry market. But, we really felt that it was important, given the town’s commitment, to stand by the town to make this happen,” Warren said.

Greenfield Commons is the second phase of the affordable housing developments in Chapel Hill the only difference being, the age requirement of 55 years or older for the current project.

The development will be located off of Legion road with 69 apartments available. Click the link to learn more about the Greenfield Commons Development.