Much of Friday afternoon’s special meeting of the Chapel Hill Town Council was taken up with discussion of changing traffic patterns on 15-501, if the town were to approve the Obey Creek development.

The Council held two days of meetings late last week to discuss the Southern Village Park-and-Ride lot area, and connections between the proposed 35-acre mixed-use development and southern Chapel Hill.

The town has hired the planning firm of Dover, Kohl & Partners to develop possible scenarios, and consultant Victor Dover led Friday afternoon’s discussion.

Dover proposed a modern roundabout at Dogwood Acres Drive, where rapid-transit buses could easily change direction.

Council member Ed Harrison expressed concern about that idea, citing unsuccessful attempts at multi-lane roundabouts in North Carolina. Dover said there’s proof it can be done right.

“There is a successful one in Davidson, now, that you might want to look at,” said Dover. “It’s easy to Google. You can see it on the aerial and satellite photograph quite vividly.”

Another Council member, Jim Ward, pushed to get and an answer about DOT approval for another idea, a signalized intersection at Sumac Road. The roundabout would require DOT approval, too.

“To me, the bottom line is, that needs to work, fully” said Ward. “That’s a decision, I feel like, we need to know early in the game.”

The next Obey Creek Special Meeting is scheduled for Feb. 12.