RALEIGH – Two months before your federal government went into a partial shutdown, county unemployment rates were still improving, according to the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s concerned this shutdown, no matter how long it lasts, will hurt the economy that is slowly improving.

In August, Orange County’s unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) decreased half a percent compared to July, falling from 6.2 to 5.7 percent. Additionally, compared to a year ago, the county’s jobless rate fell 0.9 percent.

Chatham County still comes in second at 5.4 percent to the state’s leader in unemployment, Currituck, at 4.1 percent. From July to August this year, Currituck County’s jobless rate fell 1.2 percent.

For the county-by-county breakdown, click here. North Carolina’s unemployment rate for September is scheduled to be released October 22.