I’ve “done radio” long enough to know that scorners and critics are never shy but “attaboys” are often as rare as a Clemson basketball win in Chapel Hill. So I was SHOCKED this past Saturday to have FOUR different listeners take time to tell me how much they enjoy The Good Sports pre-game show that Art Chansky and I do each Saturday on WCHL.

One would have been enough to warm the heart cockles for a month or so, but FOUR? Two compliments came from friends / acquaintances, and two came from folks I had never met but who had bothered to ask someone, “Is that BobLee from The Good Sports?” and approached to express their enjoyment of our on-air efforts. Very cool!

I’m not sure of the “tip of the iceberg” factor whereby “one comment equals x-thousand similar unexpressed opinions.” I can speak on behalf of everyone who “does radio” that any negative criticism is automatically considered “an aberration from some deranged nutjob” and is immediately deleted from mind. “Attaboys” share a HUGE unseen / unheard-from constituency, however.

Radio general managers and program directors don’t always see it that way, but what do they know?

It is a little-known fact that on-air radio people do have feelings and crave positive feedback just as much as kindergarteners do. Maybe more so, since our maturity levels do not always measure up to a 5-year-old’s.

Three of the four incredibly astute praisers made reference to how much “fun” Art and I seem to have on-air. They seemed to appreciate that we don’t treat “Carolina Football” as a life-or-death proposition. I can’t speak for my broadcasting partner, but I am very pleased with that observation. That listening to us each Saturday is “enjoyable” is all we can ask.

If you learn something amid the giggles and foolishness, all the better. but “enjoying” your hour with us is Objective #1.

We endeavor to bring our listeners different guests than the usual “sports show.” Between us, Art and I have 70+ years of hanging around Chapel Hill, Carolina sports and the ACC. We haven’t made enemies of everyone yet, and count a number of fine folks as our friends. Introducing our sports friends to our audience is a treat for us and, apparently, for you as well.

Our show is billed as “provocative,” and we are not compensated by anyone connected with UNC Athletics to “promote” Carolina Football. We can, therefore, call ‘em like we see ‘em, and we do. That is usually very favorable and positive, as we understand the pressures and confines that coaches, players and administrators labor under to please a demanding fan base. Everyone wants to win every week, but sports IS indeed “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” I just made that line up… catchy, huh?

Our “provocativeness” does rankle a certain fan faction on occasion, but such is the burden of our “call ‘em as we see ‘em” charge.

I wanted to take this week’s Huddle Up column to thank our listeners for listening… and to publicly thank WCHL “pros” Ron Stutts, Anthony Wellman and Aaron Keck for their tolerance and very able assistance. If there is anything you don’t like about The Good Sports… it’s not their fault.  😉

Three more games to go… and maybe even a bowl game “bonus” if the Football Gods smile on us.

Go Heels!

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