The Broadcasting Hall of Fame already has it on display. Known simply as “BobLee & some guy named Art Interview The Commish,” our Good Sports’ 30-minutes with ACC Major Domo John Swofford this past Saturday is now available.

The FireDumbOlRoy Rally originally scheduled for McCorkle Place at 3 PM Sunday has been indefinitely postponed.

A rough weekend for Monarchs, Wolfpacks and Pitino’s Cardinals.

Several weeks ago, John Swofford agreed to be our Good Sports’ guest for either the ODU or Duke pre-game show. I suggested the Nov 23 show BECAUSE, with America in full Kennedy Assassination Remembrance mode, the weekend had already been declared a national holiday for conspiracy theorists.

Who better than a guy linked to hundreds of nefarious regional sports “conspiracies” – North Wilkesboro’s (and UNC’s) very own “Little Johnny” Swofford?

Even with Little Johnny being “on the phone” and not in-person, the crowd at Bailey’s Sports Grill @ Ram Plaza was not disappointed.

So far this season we have had Vic Koenning, The Fabulous Comparato Twins, ESPN’s Kristen “BalBiz” Balboni, and now: The Commish hisownself. YOWSAAAA!

After the obligatory 1970 Ed Sullivan Show reference (it was “Vanderbilt”), Chansky lobbed John a softball about conference expansion to get him at ease… yawn. Then I started throwing the high inside heat.

Within five minutes I had backed Swofford into agreeing to a masterful plan wherein UNC & Wake & Duke & State can now play one another EVERY year in football. It’s all explained in the attached audio link.

We went on to discuss “the impending crisis in on-site attendance created by TV viewing being too good.” The crisis I predicted three years ago. My upcoming prediction on when the Yellowstone caldera will erupt will have credence now.

Our bit about “every conference’s lunatic fringers claiming their conference has THE worst referees” had WCHL legend Ron Stutts beside himself. There were three or four other incredible segments, and then I asked: “Johnny, with the proliferation of social media and with PackPride having their spies hiding behind every potted palm, is it still as easy for you to ‘stick to the Wolfpack’ today as it was say 10-12 years ago?”…and John said “_________!” Oops. Ya gotten listen to the audio to find out.

30 minutes of radio that changed The World.

Art said some pretty good stuff too. You can fast-forward through his parts. 🙂

A rough day for Virginia-based college teams playing the Tar Heels – Spiders and Monarchs go down simultaneously.

So howsabout that Ryan Switzer? With Manziel and the Oregon and Baylor QBs all tanking Saturday and Famous Jameis maybe taking the Tallahassee Perp Walk… whatchathink about “Choo Choo II” Ryan Switzer for the Heisman?

OK, maybe not “this year” but Kevin Best better get him on next year’s Watch List.

Meanwhile, as noted, the FireDumbOlRoy Rally originally scheduled post-Belmont for “right after Pitino embarrasses him at that Mohegan casino” has been indefinitely postponed for fairly obvious reasons.

Also, the FireVicKoenning Mob that was making noise until five weeks ago has officially disbanded. Again, for fairly obvious reasons.

Not a good day for the home team over at OurCarterStadium at OurFairgrounds. The Purple People pretty much had their way, as expected, at OurCarter as they had previously amid Kenan’s lofty pines. Only The Wally Warriors stand in the way of Ruff’s Rogues claiming eminent domain from Murphy To Manteo.

Saturday night, NCSU campus police broke up “a scuffle” on The Brickyard between NC State athletic administration staffers. Tempers were flaring over exactly who authorized that much ridiculed OurState campaign.

The fickle fingers of blame are being aimed at Todd Turner, Lee Fowler, Mary Easley and McQueen Campbell with one vote for Sidney Lowe’s tax accountant. Meanwhile Frau Yow wants to know what freakin’ genius scheduled NCCU. Heads gonna roll over that fer sure.

Surely you have seen the Internet pic of “The ARRRRR State billboard.” Constipated wuffs are claiming “the billboard isn’t real” AND “that’s not really Hitler in all those you-tubes.” Not really Hitler? Ouch.

Coach DaveWhoFromWhere has already hit the recruiting trail to tell every high school baller in OurState that Larry Fedora is going to run off to Florida. But that’s not going to happen… is it, Bubba?

Now go back and listen to that awesome Swofford interview.

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