Ever since halftime of that ECU nightmare back in September, the long knives of the Tar Heel Lunatic Fringe have been poised to disembowel Mother Fedora’s son Larry, hesitating a second or two to behead Def Coord Vic Koenning as an appetizer. STOP THE MADNESS!!!

NOTE: Larry Fedora’s job as UNC’s Head Football Coach has never been in jeopardy for one nanosecond … not ONE. Board monkey bloviations have zero impact in “real world” decision-making.

Coach Larry has rallied the Fighting Fedorians to back-to-back impressive W’s, including Saturday’s raid on the Fairgrounds for a wuff-skinning of no small significance. Tar Heel pipe dreams of another Christmas In Shreveport are suddenly not so silly any more. Heck … maybe even a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl?

Anything that guarantees deserving student-athletes cheap watches, tacky warm-up suits and a pair of over-sized headphones they could get at Big Lots for $12.95. A Target debit card for $50 and a chance to play Fresno Tech in front of 8,500 spectators in a cold December drizzle. AND miss Christmas At Home, too! Ain’t Bowl Season grand?

I think it is WONDERFUL that Larry, Vic and company have rallied these kids in just the nick o’ time to “save the season.” However one defines “save.”

Any season in which UNC beats State, UVa and Duke (not to mention Middle Tennessee!!!) is a season well-saved. Our chances of “running the table” in November are about 70-30, according to Bossier City oddsmakers.

“Beating Duke” is certainly no given at all, but we haven’t lost back-to-back to that bunch since cell phones were science fiction.

I’ve never faltered in my support of Larry Fedora & Company. I knew that 2.5 years of “take what you can get” recruiting can reduce a Big Time college roster to “cupcake” quality. Last year’s success was an anomaly from Butcher’s last recruiting class … the “good kids” who survived the Inquisition.

Of course, I don’t depend vicariously on the on-field success of my team of choice to validate my own self-worth. My perspective is a bizarre one, but it works for me. A major reason goggle-eyed board monkeys and hard-core lunatic fringers don’t like me very much. Ya reckon?

For those hardy souls who have hung in there with me in supporting Larry Fedora, don’t expect the creepy-crawly faction of TarHeelNation to admit it was “a bit hasty” in calling for Larry’s lynching. Creepy-crawly fans NEVER admit they are creepy-crawly fans. They just jump back on the bandwagon and hope nobody noticed they were gone. Reality and “just last week” are foreign concepts to that bunch o’ goobers.

footballsmallI was especially impressed at how The Fighting Fedorians “wobbled but didn’t fall down” after going down 10-0 before the Wuff band had finished the last note of the SSB. It woulda been easy to have caved. They roared back. Go Fedorians Go!

Wuff’s Lunatic Fringe will, of course, “blame Swofford” because they are hard-wired to do so. They have Johnny as Lee Oswald’s spotter back in November 1963, so don’t worry too much about them. Johnny DID have “our referee” Jim Knight on ready if we had needed him, but we didn’t.

I wasn’t at the game. Question for anyone who was at The Carter: how many signs containing the word “PJ” did you see? I had the over/under at 126 of ‘em.

The logo stomp / disrespect silliness was, of course, an old horse originally beat to death ten years ago when Chuck Amato and John Bunting hurled kindergarten insults at one another. The only difference this time around is that CoachDaveWho was not wearing clown shoes and NASCAR Oakleys like Chuck did.

Mr. Jefferson’s woeful Hoos limp into Kenan next Saturday. Hopefully a beeyootiful November Saturday amid the lofty pines. I’ll be there, as will a lot of fair-weather bandwagoners who have laid down their long knives and nooses … for the time being.

BobLee REALLY goes bonkers about “the game” at his website: bobleesays.com