Scores of protesters occupied the intersection of Franklin and Columbia Streets in downtown Chapel Hill Tuesday night, in opposition to the General Assembly passing House Bill 2.

The protest began at the Peace and Justice Plaza on Franklin Street then proceeded west down the street until reaching the intersection with Columbia Street. The protest shut down traffic for several hours.

There, the protesters formed a circle while giving the opportunity for individuals to share their experiences of being a transgender person in North Carolina.

Listen to Chris Grunert’s report from the rally against HB2:


At one point, about two hours into the protest, police attempted to reopen the street and allow traffic to pass through, but a small group of individuals sat in circle in the middle of the intersection refusing to move. But, after a short time, the dozens of protesters that had moved to sidewalk soon moved back into the street

Organizer June Beshea said it was part of the plan.

“I’m excited at this moment,” said Beshea.

She was planning on staying until she was made to leave.

“I hope that get rid of the bill, I mean the law, but I’m going to get that I am going to get arrested tonight.”

The police let a few buses through but shortly afterwards, those that had move to the sidewalk returned to the street, where they continued to chant.

Traffic was blocked for almost three hours before the protest ended. No arrests were made.

During the protest police blocked the road and directed cars to turn around until allowing traffic to pass through at around 9:30. The rally concluded back at the Peace and Justice Plaza.

Franklin Street was even lined with rainbow flags.