Chapel Hill Police Chief Chris Blue collaborated with law enforcement leaders from across the country last week at a White House Conference Series.

This series consisted of discussing the key elements of the President’s 21st Century Policing Document and exchanging ideas that are working well within the represented communities.

“Much more of a check in on, now that the report has been out for 16 months or so, what are people doing that seems to be working well in our communities and how can we learn from each other,” Blue said.

As far as Chapel Hill’s use of the Policing document, Blue said “even though we may have some work to do,” he’s proud of what is already in place.

“I was proud of how many things we’re doing that are recommended as best practices and how far along we are with so many of them. It’s fun to be able to share that with your colleagues from across the country,” Blue said.

Police Open Data was among the discussions in DC last week and Blue said he wants to continue increasing the value of the data provided.

“We think it’s fantastic to have that information out there. I mean it is our community’s information,” Blue said. “I did go up and talk to the representative and said, ‘We just started doing this in Chapel Hill a few weeks ago,’ and he was impressed by that. Hopefully he will involve us in the national effort in terms of helping us get more data out there and make sure it’s as complete and comprehensive as it can be. Of course, like any time we can be a part of a national model, that’s a nice opportunity to showcase the things we are doing here.”

Blue said the connections he made last week will result in many opportunities for our community in the future.