Jean Bolduc

Talking Politics with Penny Rich

Orange County Commissioner Penny Rich joins me on Saturday to talk about politics in general and NC House Bill 2 in particular. It’s very important, she says, that we KEEP TALKING about the bill. It continues to damage to North Carolina’s economy — far beyond the bathroom. Shown here with Sue Jackson at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Penny was very excited about being at the DNC in person to experience Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination for the presidency. Girl power! Speaking of girl power, if you missed our second show with the dynamic duo of Brenda and Sara Stephens, please...

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Mothers & Daughters, Part 2

After recording this week’s show, I was a daughter who missed her mother a little more than usual. In talking with Brenda & Sara Stephens for this (and last) week’s show, I was reminded of something hard to quantify – the shorthand between mothers and daughters in their humor and in every way of how they talk to and about each other. The Stephenses are funny. They have tremendous humor about everything from who has “good hair” to hot sauce in Hillary Clinton’s bag. Doing a sound check for the show before we began recording, Sara put her headphones...

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