Listen to love song dedications from the community! 💖


Love Song Dedications from February 8th, 2024

To Ginny Taylor-Troutman from Andrew Taylor-Troutman


To Dan from Daniele


To Emma Post from Charles Latham


To Melissa from Glenn


To all the dogs at OCAS from all the staff at OCAS


To Justin from Aubrey


To Kati from Michael


To Charlotte from Eric


To Meadow from Charles



To Beverly from Terry


Dedications from 2/9/24


To Carol Ann McCormick from Mark Peifer


To Nic from Marianna


To Jeff from Stephanie


To Brent from Tricia


To Jean Justice from Steve Cory


From Peter to Tricia


To Mary Craine from Bob Craine


To Momma from Fox


To Gracie from Lily


To The One That Stole My Heart from The One Who Holds It Dearly


From Caroline Goodwin to Andy Goodwin

Dedications aired on 2/12/24


To Jim Wasson from Sherry Gaden


To Eric from Char


To Beth Anne Beyle from Jon Beyle


To Akira Bowie from Nana


To Rusty from Jennifer


To Alan from Haley


To Sarah from Brighton


To Barbara McCormick from Carol Ann McCormick


To Karen Cotton from Alvin Breeden


To May from Jack


To Taylor, Jordan, and Jon Ward Beyle from Mom and Dad


To Conner from Sierra


Dedications aired on 2/13/24


To Steve McConaughey from Michele Lynn


To Alicia from Lydia


To Sheila from Rich


To Matthew from Elle


To Brighton Yates McConnell from Elle


To David Caraway from Your wife, Krista


To my office mates, Jordan and Murphy from AJ


To my Lola from Jess


To my wife lovely wife, Kate from your husband, Bill


To Rachel Faulkner from Steve Messiter


Dedications aired on 2/14/24

To Ava from Meredith


To Kea from Cooper


To Sam from Jake


To Gracie Lou Freebush from Jill Justus


To Benay from Leith


To Bobo from Momo


To Kenny from Jada


To Mom and Dad from Taylor and Jordan


To Steve from Rachel


To Ta’Contento from H’aiasi


To Daniela Ramirez from Clara Ramirez


To Aidan from Christine


To My Sweet Husband from Barb


To Peter From Lydia


To Elaine From Joseph


To Leith From Benay


To My Only Love, My Light From Your Love


To Lydia Lavelle From Alicia Stemper


To Jada From Kenny


To Elise From Lorelai


To Taylor From Sarah


To Brighton From Sarah, Enya, and Laszlo


To Charles From Charles


To Mom From Lauren


To Christine From Aidan


To McKenna From AJ