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Adopt Ricky: A Tiny Treasure

Adopt Ricky: A Tiny Treasure

Act now! A dog like Ricky won’t stay in the shelter for long. In fact, you may have to fight some of us at WCHL for him…

Ricky (and his siblings Roxie and Spencer) came to the Orange County Animal Shelter last week, and he’s been winning hearts there ever since. Ricky’s only 8 months old, and he’s the product of two small breeds – Chihuahua and Dachshund – so he’s still very small. With his beautiful long black hair and soulful eyes, you won’t be able to resist picking him up and holding him. But unlike a lot of small dogs, he’s isn’t yippy or hyperactive at all. If anything, he’s one of the sweetest-natured dogs we’ve ever had on Adopt-a-Pet.

You can visit Ricky at the shelter today – and you might have to if you want to bring him into your family! There’s going to be a whole lot of other families clamoring to adopt him too…

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