“You know what they say…..”

“I can’t believe they are doing that!”

Mia Burroughs, my guest on this week’s Art of Potential show, is currently an elected School Board member who is now running for Orange County Commissioner. As a young woman Mia made the following comment to her parents about a situation, “Well someone needs to do something!” and her very wise parents asked her who exactly that “someone” was. The realization that she was that “someone” was Mia’s introduction into the concept of citizenship. (Click here to listen to the full interview.)

We are “they,” “them” and “someone” because we are alive and therefore have some responsibility for shaping the neighborhood, community, and world in which we live. Complaining feels good and we all know misery loves to hug on company, but in reality the only thing that makes us good citizens is action. Being a good citizen is a lot like keeping in good shape. Complaining about the size of your muffin top won’t make a dent in it, but taking even small actions over time can have a huge impact.

Chapel Hill has a lot of opportunities to get involved. We also have a lot of involved and opinionated people. That is a GREAT part of our vibrant community! Things go south when people openly disrespect each other, which is completely different from respectfully disagreeing.

Choose today to get involved. If the communities direction is your thing, check out becoming involved in one of the town’s advisory boards. Maybe you prefer to glean the fields, or deliver food to shut-ins. Citizenship is not only about being a part of a group; it is about giving to the community. Helping your neighbor counts too!