What lessons did you learn from your mother that have helped you in your business or career?

As part of our Lessons from Mom series, I’d like to share an excerpt from a Business Class interview with Molly Broad, during which she answered that same question. 

Molly Broad served as President of the University of North Carolina from 1997-2006, a position since held by Erskine Bowles and now Thomas Ross.  She was the first woman to hold that position and is the first woman to hold her current one as President of the American Council on Education.   She still has a home in Chapel Hill and commutes to work in Washington, D.C.

So – what lessons did she learn from her mother?  In the interview, Molly described her mother, who had four children during a five year time span, as nurturing, fair-minded, calm, composed and confident – no matter how many activities or challenges she was juggling.

Molly said:

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Wonderful lessons passed from mother to daughter and now to us…valuable lessons for parenting, for teaching, for doing business and living life.

What about you?  What lessons did you learn from your Mom that have helped in your business or career?  Comment below or send an email to Jan@BusinessClassInc.com