1. Give 10 compliments a day. It may surprise you to learn that even in our worst economics times there are millions of people who would like the opportunity to live and work in the United States. To them this is still a land of opportunity where a person can work their way up. When we forget the perspective our nation was founded upon we may end up feeling entitled and deserving of work. ”I have more experience.” “I have more education.” “I was here first.” When we think this way we are also more likely to blame or be angry at others who are not living up to our expectations. When looking for work, it is important to distance yourself from this negative energy because the only people who will want to be around you are negative ones. Instead find ways to be grateful, find ways to be appreciative, find ways to look at others in the best possible light. Think about other’s instead of yourself. One way to do this is to compliment 10 people per day via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, in person, or some other way. When you do this you create the positive energy flow that people want to be around and hire. 
  1. Throw a party. 7 out of 10 jobs comes from networking. 70 out of 100 jobs comes from networking. 700 out of 1000 jobs coming from networking. Okay you get the picture. Networking is by far the most successful way to get a job. Often we have people in our network but are uncomfortable letting them know we are looking for work. Throwing a party, starting a book club, joining a tennis team, volunteering at a non-profit – all these things are great ways to make additional connections and increase your network. 
  1. Propose. Instead of waiting for businesses to decide they have a full-time job with benefits, find little ways to help them. If you are good at writing business proposals, organizing files, answering phones, designing websites, or doing other things that businesses need, propose it to them. When you come in as a sub-contractor businesses do not need to pay benefits, or employment taxes. It is best to propose short-term (3 month) concrete jobs. Click here for a template you can use.