For me, Olivia Newton-John has always been associated with one thing: the character Sandy from Grease. Call me uneducated, but I’ve never paid much attention to her career other than this single, stellar performance. Growing up, I was more interested in Brittany Spears than Sandy.

Lately though, Olivia seems to be popping up everywhere I look. Over Christmas I saw her once again alongside John Travolta on Live with Kelly and Michael to promote their new Christmas CD, “This Christmas.” The CD will raise money for The Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer and Wellness Centre and the Jett Travolta Foundation (in honor of Travolta’s late son). I heard last week that the duo have decided to perform more songs together, adding to the CD each year. Apparently she’s made a few appearances on Glee as well.

Then, I stumbled upon the most surprising piece of news: Newton-John is coming to DPAC in February (so close to home!). So, nosy and curious person that I am, I decided these many signs were telling me I needed to look Olivia up online and see what else she’s been getting into since her performance as Sandy.

It turns out, Newton-John has been keeping extremely busy. For an extensive list, take a look at her website.

For a summary read on. Olivia has battled and defeated breast cancer, and now she continues to fight it through The Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre. She’s co-owns an award winning small hotel in Australia called Gaia Retreat and Spa. For the ultimate Newton-John fan, you can purchase products from her line, Koala blue, which includes wine and chocolates sold throughout Europe, Asia, and of course Australia. She recently came out with her own cookbook as well! On top of all these accomplishments, Newton-John has worked with an extensive amount of humanitarian organizations.

Newton-John’s recording career has stayed strong too. Since 2000, she has recorded eight CDs (though vastly different from her Physical years) including the recent collaboration with Travolta.

But back to what affects us Chapelboro folks the most. Olivia is making an appearance at DPAC, one of only four tour stops in the United States so far! For tickets, visit DPAC’s website.

It will be exciting to hear her new music, songs she describes as more personal on her website. For those who grew up with Olivia Newton-John, this is the chance to see and relate to her from a new perspective. Former teenage Grease and pop fans, may I introduce the new, glamorous and beautiful as ever, Olivia Newton-John.

Image via architekt2 via flickr