When troubles arise – e.g., a kitchen flooded by a broken appliance hose, a broken leg that makes it impossible to get to the grocery store, etc. – most of us simply write a check, call the insurance company, or, depending on the circumstances, call on friends to help.  But some people do not have the resources to fix things so easily.  Some people are shut-ins who do not have a network of family or friends on which they can rely for help.

A nonprofit foundation recently has been established to provide workers to help others when they do not have the resources to help themselves.  The SWEEPS Foundation matches local college students with deserving local people and charities for one-time or ongoing needs.  The SWEEPS Foundation pays the college students for their time if none are willing or able to volunteer.

Individuals, families, groups, nonprofits, and anyone else deserving are eligible to receive free or discounted hours on a case-by-case basis.  It is an ideal solution for temporary surges in need such as clean-ups after severe weather or staffing of special events.  Also, it is a terrific solution for providing help to those who are disabled or otherwise require assistance. 

The SWEEPS Foundation is seeking:

· Passionate SWEEPS Foundation leaders and ambassadors (preferably with nonprofit experience);
· Individuals with experience in nonprofit start-ups;
· Recommendations of organizations and people who the SWEEPS Foundation can help; and
· Monetary donations.

If you are interested in helping, please e-mail info@sweeps.jobs or call 919-628-0828.

The SWEEPS Foundation was started by UNC alum Morris Gelblum, founder of the for-profit organization, SWEEPS.  SWEEPS matches local college students with local job needs. The job can be of almost any kind – yard work, house cleaning, computer assistance, painting, tutoring, etc., etc.  You just go to sweeps.jobs, post a job you want done, and SWEEPS will take care of the rest.