Hillsborough Police Seek Walmart Assault Suspect

Hillsborough Police are looking for a woman they say assaulted an elderly woman on Saturday.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. at the Walmart at Hampton Point Shopping Center

Police describe the suspect as a young black woman wearing a white sweater, black pants and black boots. She was seen leaving with a man in a light-colored sedan.

The woman, her companion and the vehicle were all captured on surveillance video.




Chatham County Walmart Open For Business

CHATHAM COUNTY – Chapel Hill has its first Wal-Mart up and running, although it’s not actually located in Orange County or even Chapel Hill proper, and won’t provide taxes to the municipality.

The Walmart located just south of Orange County’s Border into Chatham County officially opened it’s doors on Friday.

Chris Smith, who is serving as manager at the new Wal-Mart, says the community’s response has so far been positive.

“It’s a mutual feeling, and everyone’s just happy,” he says.

In March of 2012, Chatham County Manager Charlie Horne announced that a Walmart would come to Chatham County on 15-501, just outside Orange County boundaries. The new project would encompass 150,000 square feet and would include a grocery and pharmacy center.

While many local officials have expressed concerns that the project would keep tax dollars away from Orange County, others have said based on previous local shopping patterns, it might actually help the Orange County economy to thrive.

With the eventual return of UNC students to the area, Smith says he has started to look into ways to adjust for the coming rush.

“We have contacted some of the best Walmarts that have done it, with regards to being near some of the very established universities,” he says.

The new Wal-Mart started its search for employees back in mid-March. Interested applicants can click here.


Walmart Opens Temporary Hiring Center In North Chatham

CHAPEL HILL – Walmart has opened a temporary hiring center in Chatham County and is looking for employees for their store which is scheduled to open this summer just over the Chatham County line.

“What we’re looking for is just people that want to come on board with Wal-Mart and get a great career,” says store manager, Chris Smith. “Walmart has a lot to offer, and hopefully people can benefit from that.”

A lot of people in Orange County were sad to see that the store is being built just over the County line and taking the sales taxes with it.

However, Smith says this store will provide many opportunities for local people, and he’s a great example.

“I’ve been with the company a little shy of 13 years, and I started out as an hourly associate,” Smith says. “This is my second store in North Carolina. Walmart is just chock-full of opportunities for people.”

The temporary Walmart hiring center is located at 50101 Governors Drive, Suite 168. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Interested applicants can also apply online by clicking here.


Chapel Hill is Hemorrhaging Tax Dollars

It’s official! Walmart is coming to town!

Well, not our town, but Chatham County, just over the line. And to the victor go all the spoils. Walmart has announced it will build a huge 148,500 square foot store on the 15-501 commercial corridor near Smith Level Road and hire 300 employees.

Walmart cash registers will soon be ringing and Chatham County will rake in the sales tax dollars. Then the property tax will begin to roll in.

Meanwhile, traffic will beat a path across Chapel Hill roads to the Walmart store just a stone’s throw away. More lost business for local merchants.

All this sound familiar? Déjà vu!

First, there was New Hope Commons along with several other commercial developments that went to Durham. The proposed Obey Creek mixed-use complex in Chapel Hill fell through because of town restrictions.

Long in the planning process, projects such as Aydan Court and Charterwood have met similar fates though Charterwood may be revived.

Chapel Hill is hemorrhaging tax dollars and there’s no end in sight.

Let’s hope Town Council gets its act together soon before Chapel Hill becomes the sole enclave of the rich and well-to-do.