Pair Wine With Halloween Candy

Today is Tuesday, October 27, 2015.   Did you know that you can pair wine with Halloween candy?  Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are in the sky.  Kiera Johnson says she met the ghost of Michael Jackson in an intimate way.

Pair Wine With Halloween Candy

Did you know that you can pair wine with Halloween candy?  Why wouldn’t you?

The fine folks at Vivino created an awesome info-graphic.  Before you get your favorite Halloween candy, check the graph and buy the right wine to go with the candy.  For example, if you like your Skittles, consider pairing them with a lovely white wine.


Jupiter, Venus, and Mars

Throughout the week you will be able to see Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in the same sky.  Your best opportunity will be just before sunrise.  Look eastward and you should easily spot Venus, which will be the brightest spot in the sky.

Though the planets should be easy to spot with the naked eye because they’re so bright, if you grab some binoculars or a telescope, you could also spot Jupiter’s four major moons. The last time these three were so close together was May 2013, and it won’t happen again until 2021. An added bonus for planetary enthusiasts: Mercury, which does not appear often, can be seen along the horizon.

Maybe pair wine with Halloween candy and catch the view.

The Ghost of Michael Jackson

A 32-year-old woman named Kiera Johnson is claiming that the ghost of Michael Jackson impregnated her.  The married mother-of-two says that the ghost took advantage of her after she watched the 2 hour Michael Jackson 30 Year Anniversary Special on DVD.

Johnson and her husband are both white.  She says that she has never cheated.  On September 25, 2015 she gave birth to her third child. “Everything was going well with the birth,” said her husband Ken. “But then when I saw my son, and he was black, I said ‘What the h-e-double hockey sticks is this!’ I was in absolute shock. That’s when Kiera told me about her terrifying dream. I think it’s wrong what happened and that’s why we are suing Michael Jackson’s estate. We just want a decent amount of child support to help raise his son.”

Fashion: A Battle of the Sexes

When it comes to fashion, as women, we like to follow trends, no matter how short-lived they may be. Modeling your ‘look’ to emulate a celebrity is also a familiar concept. Overall, our style is an outward reflection of our personality; we dress the way that we feel. For instance, if we’re feeling sexy, a pair of heels or even a hint of leopard print will inevitably be incorporated in our outfit somehow. But if we’re feeling dreadful, our attire may be a little less than desirable that day (i.e. sweatpants).

But what do men think about our fickle style picks or penchant for rocking the latest trend? After conducting a survey earlier this year for, inclusive of 50 men from all over the country (each from various racial and socioeconomic backgrounds, ranging in age from 19 to 48), I learned the answer to that question and more.

Ultimately, I discovered that men and women are not on the same page when it comes to style. Just as women often hate the things men wear, men disagree with our choices as well. In reality, they’d prefer that we ditch the trendy apparel altogether and simply dress to impress them. That’s right, over 80% of respondents noted that their favorite outfit on a woman consisted of anything that accentuated the female figure; generously using words such as”‘fitted” and “tight.” Additionally, the male respondents insisted that we completely ditch a number of trendy items from our fashion repertoire, including color blocking ‘fits, cowboy boots and high waist pants. Other fashion duds mentioned included spandex leggings and baggy, camouflage pants. In other words, women can’t win unless we’re dressing provocatively — that is, according to men.

So, we’re embattled in this fashion conundrum.  Should we dress for comfort? Dress for style? Dress for men? I say to dress in a manner that makes you feel good. After all, if a guy can’t accept you and your _________ (insert noteworthy adjective here) style, then he’s just not that into you.