Graphic Novelties: What's New!

Well, obviously, the big news in nerdery this week is that JJ Abrams will be directing the first new Star Wars movie, which has me tentatively shifting my feelings about said movie from “cautiously optimistic” to “actually optimistic.” I mean, lens flares aside, Abrams does some pretty entertaining movies. I liked his Star Trek movie a lot . . . though am not at all interested in the Star Trek universe (except for George Takei’s Facebook feed). Which means he made me care about something I previously actively disdained! On the other hand, I am kind of invested in the Star Wars universe and don’t want anyone to mess it up. But he seems like a nerdy kind of guy, and I think Star Trek fans liked what he did with their movie, so fingers crossed. (Despite Vulture’s predictions I am hoping this will be less JJ Abrams-ish).

(Though–as the Star Trek director, is it even legal for him to also direct Star Wars movies? I mean that facetiously, but wait, no, really. Is that ALLOWED? Is that crossing the streams???)

Other interesting and exciting comic book stuff:

–The MAC Archie makeup line has been revealed! I can’t wait to have Veronica-red lipstick.

–More people from previous X-Men movies will be appearing in Day of Future Past—Rogue, Iceman, and my own beloved Kitty Pryde. I’m guessing Kitty won’t be the main character, which SUCKS, but I will still see this movie opening weekend.

–Plus, more future Marvel plans—Ant-Man is really happening. And the new Thor movie is all about Asgard!

–Graphic novels help people learn! So read some.

–The Alicia is ten years ago is SUPER EXCITED about new Powerpuff Girls!

–There’s going to be a Pyongyang movie – that is a really excellent book about Delisle’s experiences working and living in North Korea. Not fiction!

–io9 has a hilarious and accurate list of 12 things that ruined Superman.

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Graphic Novelties: News & Views

Another week, another batch of chatter about comics and comics-related pop culture stuff!

First, I am very excited that the Powers TV show is not dead. Powers is a really great, long-running series that I think would make a really fun tv show—about a couple of cops who deal with superhero-related crimes. I tend not to read a lot of books involving superheroes, but Powers is one of my favorites, and highly recommended, and I want to watch it, goshdarnit!

In other superhero-related news, I am mildly excited about the new “X-Men” comic, which is going to have an all-lady team!! Longtime readers of this column know that I am very interested in the way women are portrayed in comics and talk about it all the time, so this is really interesting news to me. I’d be more worried if the writer wasn’t Brian Wood, a very prolific writer who I know can write realistic women characters (his new series Mara is also getting some good comments, but I haven’t read it yet). And unlike the author of that io9 piece, I have no strong feelings about Jubilee, plus am pretty sure I spot my all-time favorite X-person, Kitty Pryde, on that cover, which automatically means I’m into it.

And in other superhero LADY news—CW is making the world’s umpteenth attempt at doing something with Wonder Woman—namely, a new tv series. Now, I bet you’re asking yourself, wasn’t there supposed to be a Wonder Woman tv show just last year? Yes, there was! On some other channel, about Wonder Woman as a . . . high powered business woman? I don’t know. Pros for this new one—CW has experience with superhero shows (Smallville ran for a million seasons, Arrow is apparently a hit), and a teenage Wonder Woman is at least a mildly interesting concept. For now, I’ll just keep rewatching the Justice League cartoon, which really got her right (and hinted at a romance between her and Batman!).

In Archie news, Archi Corp is super excited that Kevin Keller was nominated for a GLAAD award (along with Batwoman, Buffy, and some other series), for positive portrayals of members of the LGBT community. Go Archie!

And finally, here’s a preview of the upcoming issue of Fables. The storyline is called Snow White, but this couple of pages features Bigby going on a road trip in an enchanted car (can’t he just use his giant wolf wind powers to travel? Is a blood-swilling car really more efficient?). Here’s to hoping the rest of the issue features Snow White being awesome.

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