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Kansas, Kansas, Kansas (Ugh!)

It had to be Kansas. Kansas. Kansas. Roy Williams may be over the heartbreak and heartache his leaving Lawrence caused in 2003, but it’s just getting worse with me. The tweets, emails and blog posts are already out there,...

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The Name Game

Sorry, sports fans, it’s no longer about the name on the front of the uniform. It’s about the name on the back. That has been the case in professional sports since free agency began, but now it has become endemic to college...

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Roy's New Digs

Roy Williams’ “lamp story” best illuminates how much in need the UNC basketball offices were of expanding and upgrading.   “When we moved into the Smith Center,” Williams said of his days as an assistant in 1986, “I carried a...

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Roy To Face KU's Self In Skins Game

Everyone knows that Roy Williams’ favorite off-season past time is golf, chasing that little white ball around his favorite courses all over the country and the world. Williams keeps a list of the top 100 golf courses in America...

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