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Jeff Danner

The Butterfly Effect

For a system to exhibit “chaos” as defined by physicists, four elements must be present.

Could Caesar Eat Peanuts?

I recently had the chance to read through several months of Scientific American® magazine, one on a study conducted by the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

The Caterpillar Effect

Last week my wife and I were in St. Martin and went to a butterfly farm where I learned something new.


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The Power of Backpacking

As I was lugging my pack through the mountains, it felt like I had to generate significant power to keep moving and, therefore, would be expending quite a few calories.

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By Way Of Introduction

Hey y’all. If you’re reading this, you likely know me as WCHL’s (former) news director and (current) evening news anchor; some of you may also know that I perform at the DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro. And you advanced scholars...

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It’s "Political" Science!

Elections are big deals in political science and there’s nothing that political scientist love more than using elections to test their theories.  Thinking about this primary season that we are now in however, reminds me more of...

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