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Donnabeth Leffler

Few Opposing Voices

I think we can safely say big box retail in Chapel Hill does not have majority opposition.

Directions at the Intersection of Change

Monday night was the chance to glimpse the future that may guide the intersection of Ephesus Church Road and Fordham Boulevard and properties along it.

How to Photograph Tweens

A tween is the stage between middle childhood and adolescence, so from roughly 9 to 12 years of...

A Business Owner's Return to his Roots

As your Savvy Spender, I plan to report on new businesses sprouting up in our midst and also those that close.  There’s another category of interest also: when an established business changes hands. I recently sat down to chat...


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The Heaven & Hell of Making Things Right

There’s been a bit of buzz about Making Things Right at UNC. Several people wrote to say thanks for the memories.  Some thought it was a bunch of froof and fluff.  I mean after all – what was the big deal about being left out of...

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