Finding Local Creeps

This is a sports notebook only because the letter writer is Tod Morgan, the affable and hard-working athletic director and young men’s basketball coach at Chapel Hill High School.
It’s a cry out for help to find two creeps who stole Courtney Morgan’s wallet from her hand bag as she refilled her soft drink and attended to their 9-month old baby girl at a Southpoint Mall restaurant while out with several of her associates from the Carrboro-Chapel Hill School System.

It is also meant to put a little pressure on the store that will not release the security camera photos of the alleged criminals, a man and woman, who shortly after the theft charged thousands of dollars of merchandise to the Morgans’ credit cards. The poor-quality pictures one of the stores did release are below.

Crimes like this are always an outrage but receive little publicity because (thankfully) no one was assaulted or physically injured. But it hurts, nevertheless, when a visible member of the community is so wronged. Morgan is the best-possible advocate for all sports at CHHS, sending out daily emails about how all of the Tigers’ athletic teams are doing and following the progress of their athletes after they leave school.

The same day he sent out this letter, Morgan also emailed out congratulations to two of his former basketball players for making the varsity squad at UNC, one of them the son of assistant coach Steve Robinson.

I don’t know what any of us can do to help Tod and Courtney find these creeps, but if we can we should do something to keep these two criminals from robbing someone else.


I write to seek your help and to share information to help you protect yourself and your family from a similar fate.

On this past Saturday, October 20th, 2012 at between 10:30 -11:00 AM, my wife’s wallet was stolen from out of her purse, while she was strolling our 9 month old baby girl at Panera Bread Restaurant in the South Point Mall.  My wife was there to join four (4) of her co-workers (Elementary School Teachers at Seawell Elementary School in the Chapel Hill -Carrboro City Schools System) for brunch/lunch.   

Apparently, as she stopped to fill up her drink cup at the drink stand in Panera Bread Restaurant, while trying to also make sure our baby was okay in the stroller, these two (2) ” thieves”   (there are several other “choice words” I could use to describe them!”) stole my wife’s wallet from her bag.   Unbelievable that they would prey on an innocent mother and school teacher and steal from her with her baby right there within arms distance.   Makes my blood boil to write this!   Trust me, if I could find them, it would be bad for their safety and for my salvation, so I pray that the Durham Police Department find them and bring them to justice.
In a period of time from approximately 11:40 AM to 1:10 PM, these two thieves used my wife’s SECU Credit/ Debit Card, and other Credit Cards (Discover and Capital One) to spend over $4000.00 at Target, Apple Store, and Best Buy.   Buying IPADS, Gift Cards, etc.   

The photos below came from the Best Buy surveillance Cameras, and we have also been able to confirm that these are the same people who appear on the surveillance cameras at Target,  but Target was not willing or able to turn over the photos to us, as the criminals have their rights (what a world we live in).  In fact the folks at Target said their photos were much clearer than the ones from the Best Buy cameras, but they are not allowed to give them to us.
I write to you to seek your help.  If you know anyone at the Durham Police Department or an area news agency who could help us get these photos out in the public eye.  The general public need to be aware of these thieves, so they don’t get away with this or do it to someone else.  
Thank you for your help!

My two cents on the quarter-cent

 About twenty-five years ago, I was a young girl attending Carrboro Elementary and listened to my dad record a PSA in support of funding for our schools on this radio station. I never would have guessed that twenty-five years later, I would be doing something similar. However, I want to tell you about an opportunity that will not only increase funding for our schools, but create a working future for our children in Orange County.

This fall, Orange County voters – from Carrboro to Calvander, from Efland to Eno – will have an opportunity to support an effort that can help shape our county’s future. On November 8th or during Early Voting (which is less than two weeks away), I hope that you will support a quarter-cent sales tax to raise $2.5 million in revenue per year for the next ten years, with 50% going towards capital needs for schools and 50% going towards economic development. You might ask why in this economic climate, we are talking about taxes. But don’t confuse this with the tax debate in Washington, or even in Raleigh.

This proposed tax is not on gas, prescription drugs, utilities or groceries and is the equivalent of a penny on a $4 purchase, or a quarter on a $100 purchase. It will allow Orange County to collect revenue from visitors and commuters alike, in addition to helping minimize the continual pressure to raise property taxes. This is a potential revenue source that won’t go to the state, won’t go to the feds, but will help strengthen our schools and create more jobs locally.

I hope that you will join me in supporting the quarter-cent to support our schools. With this revenue, we can update our older schools – schools that I attended twenty-five years ago – and improve technology in the classroom. We’ve come a long way from when I was working at an Apple IIc.

I hope that you will join me in supporting the quarter-cent to help create a working future for our children. With this revenue, we can work to retain and recruit employers in Orange County. We’ve had three economic development districts since I was at Carrboro Elementary – and with this revenue, we can make sure that these districts have the infrastructure they need to recruit employers – employers that we’re losing to neighboring counties.

We have lost money – over six million dollars – from the state and this is an opportunity for us to keep local control and to raise revenue that benefits ALL residents of Orange County, including in every municipality.

My name is Kristen Smith and I’m an Orange County native and a graduate of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. I’m very lucky to work in my hometown and I know that I want our community’s children to have the same opportunity.

Join me on November 8th or during Early Voting which began October 20th (voting’s the only thing I’ve done early in my life), in voting “FOR” the quarter-cent to help Orange County retain and create jobs and strengthen our schools.