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Good Green Business At Open Eye Cafe

Who needs paper when you can just write someone’s order on the counter? Good green business by Open Eye Cafe; in Carrboro. Important keys to success: Dry erase markers Metal, glass or other surface from which dry erase...

Fiscal Cliff

I was very fortunate to receive an invitation to visit the White House last Thursday. I was among a delegation of 40 community leaders from across the state of North Carolina who were asked to join in a conversation with the...

We Need a Better Plan for Transit. Vote "No"

There’s a 1/2 cent sales tax referendum on November’s ballot. It will be used to fund a 25-year, $660 million plan for light rail and other transit in Orange County. Separately, the commissioners and Triangle Transit Authority...


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Winging It or Planning?

My Fast Entrepreneur instructor and SCORE mentor, John Wyman, suggested this topic the other day for the blog,”……why do so many small businesses fail?” He gave us a list to read before our class next week. If I ran this list by...

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And the survey says….

You know those surveys you fill out and then forget about?  Do you ever wonder, but never know what other people said?  Do you ever wonder if the input made a difference anywhere?  Do you ever wonder if your responses were even...

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Drafting the Chapel Hill 2020 Plan

The Chapel Hill 2020 effort has been a wide-open, very participatory process to create a new comprehensive plan for our community’s future, for 2020 and beyond. We now have a clearer take on what the Chapel Hill 2020 process...

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My Discontent with Dillard's

The Chapelboro community is a demographic dream: lots of highly educated people, many of them with disposal income.  Let’s not forget those shopping students either.  Why then, I wondered, is our only department store so dowdy?...

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Industry for a Sustainable Future

It’s time to shift gears on our economic development plans. County leadership seems to be embracing a new openness to encouraging business. Presentations and discussions almost always include vague statements to the effect that...

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