Lew Margolis

Is It Real Money?

“No state-appropriated or tuition dollars are being used for these expenses.” Enough already of this rationalizing footnote from UNC as it released its latest accounting of legal and public relations costs stemming from the athletics/academic scandal.  Where the bookkeepers say these millions of dollars come from is far less important than the realization that there are countless ways to spend these valuable resources. How about student scholarships, support for young faculty, and upgrades of facilities that are inaccessible to individuals with even minimal disabilities? There are many needs beyond the walls of the university.  These dollars could help to...

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So They Are All, All Honorable Men

In the foulness of the ongoing athletic/academic scandal at UNC, former Governor Jim Martin has brought an honorable breath of fresh air. Many were critical of Martin’s December 2012 report of his investigation into “serious anomalies” in the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. He characterized the scandal as academic, confined to one department. Subsequently, the Wainstein report, among other critiques, has confirmed that the UNC affair has involved widespread scandalous behavior by faculty, administrators, coaches, and tutors. In a soon-to-be published biography, Governor Martin, to his credit, admits his error. “I could have said, ‘Not only is it...

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How Do We Measure the Value of a Basketball Coach?

Sadly, the UNC administration has chosen to reward the flawed leadership of basketball coach Roy Williams with a new contract. Let’s address the values expressed by this contract in a university whose mission is to advance scholarship, research, and creativity. There are seven performance bonuses in the contract. In this UNC world where college sports are actually professional sports it is fair to note the monetary values assigned to these bonuses. In the same way that LeBron James earns more than his teammate, former Carolina player Brendan Haywood, or a Lexus costs more than a Corolla, it is important...

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BobLee Says: The Franklin Street Fact Factory

Saturday was a VERY good day for yours truly. The Fighting Fedorians (maybe we need to change that name, huh?) are now five Ws from bowl eligibility. I had a heck of a fun time Under The Bubble – aka “in Chapel Hill.” This Fall, The Good Sports are broadcasting from Ground Zero – Legendary Franklin Street. Those famous “Carolina Girls” were in abundance AND are now eight years younger than our Kid. OUCH! Being at an internationally renown citadel of learning… I “learned” that everybody – but ME – knows exactly what happened in that Aloft hotel room...

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