Community Forum 2014 – Listen to Past Hours

By Staff Posted April 24, 2014 at 9:16 am


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Hour 1: Town and Gown

Moderator: Jim Heavner
Panelists: Carol Folt, Mark Kleinschmidt, Lydia Lavelle, Barry Jacobs, Tom Stevens, Christy Lambden

Hour 2: Public Safety

Moderator: Fred Black
Panelists: Mark Kleinschmidt, Tom Stevens, Chris Blue, Dan Jones, Walter Horton, Jeff McCracken

Hour 3: Economic Development

Moderator: Ran Northam
Panelists: Aaron Nelson, Julie McClintock, David Schwartz, Michael Parker

Hour 4: Environment

Moderator: Jeff Danner
Panelists: Mark Marcoplos, Sammy Slade, Jim Ward, Blair Pollock, Bernadette Pelissier, Earl McKee

Hour 5: Big Time Sports

Moderator: Ran Northam
Panelists: Kelly McFarlane, Bubba Cunningham, Walter Storholt, Deborah Strohman, Lew Margolis

Hour 6: K-12 Education

Moderator: D.G. Martin
Panelists: Tom Forcella, Arasi Adkins, Chuck Hennessee, Jeff Hall, Jamezetta Bedford, Donna Coffey

Hour 7: College Education

Moderator: Aaron Keck
Panelists: Tom Forcella, Kristin Hiemstra, Penny Gluck, Jan Boxill

Hour 8: Affordability

Moderator: Aaron Keck
Panelists: Sally Greene, Hudson Vaughan, Delores Bailey, Michelle Laws, Maria Palmer, Mark Dorosin, Bonnie Hauser, James Davis

Hour 9: Tomorrow’s News Makers

Moderator: Sharon Hill
Panelists: Laura Morrison, Maria Palmer, Graig Meyer, Renee Price, Damon Seils, Mark Dorosin

Hour 10: From Raleigh to Orange

Moderator: Aaron Keck
Panelists: Mark Chilton, Ed Harrison, Lee Storrow, Penny Rich, James Barrett.

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