Isaac Bryant

Humans of Chapelboro: Vimala Rajendran

When Vimala cooks, everybody eats. If you’ve been to Vimala’s Curryblossom Café before, you probably already know one of the core tenants of the restaurant. Those words close a statement found on a sign in front of the café, the full text being “Nobody turned away due to lack of money. Food is a human right. When Vimala cooks, everybody eats.” That sentiment carries extra weight in light of the café providing food and refuge for those who need it most and its proprietor’s willingness to speak out on behalf of victims of domestic violence. “The way I socialize...

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Humans of Chapelboro: Jamil Kadoura

Jamil Kadoura, owner of Mediterranean Deli on Franklin Street, is a Palestinian immigrant from Jerusalem. He opened his deli – now a Franklin Street staple – in 1992, after working in a series of hotels everywhere from Minneapolis to Durham. “Owning a restaurant here is like myself spreading my culture with the people of Chapel Hill,” said Kadoura. “The most important things of our diet is dried food. The desert has influenced our diet, which I try to spread here. I use my food and I love to spread my culture.” The Mediterranean food that Kadoura cooks at his...

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Hillsborough Couple Wins CBS Game Show

Imagine being stranded for 28 days with no one to rely on except yourself and people whom you have never met. You are without all technology and, even worse, are being hunted. For Stephen and English King, a married couple from Hillsborough, this was no imaginary situation. Stephen and English King competed on the CBS show “Hunted,” and eventually won $250,000 by evading capture for one month. English is a clinical audiologist, and Stephen is a stay-at-home dad for their three daughters. The couple previously applied to be a pair on “The Amazing Race,” but after not being chosen...

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