Elizabeth Barbour

Flavor of the Week – Makus Empanadas

 The story of Makus Empanadas (pronounced similar to “Make us empanadas”) starts with childhood friends from Argentina going into business in Durham. Considering the comfort food aspect of empanadas in Argentina, that history makes perfect sense. “Empanadas are the perfect excuse to get together with friends,” said Hernan Moyano, who co-owns the restaurant with Santiago Moyano and their childhood friend Ricky Yofre. “If you’ve had a bad day and you want to go talk to someone, what you do is you call and you say, ‘Hey, I’m stopping by,’ but you pick up some empanadas and bring them there.”...

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Flavor of the Week: Bona Fide Sandwich Co.

Bona Fide Sandwich Co. is nestled on a street full of restaurants in Hillsborough, yet has managed to make a name for itself in the year and a half it’s been in town. What makes Bona Fide different from all the other food Churton Street has to offer? “Really the biggest thing we’ve heard from a number of people is they seem to think we filled a void that Hillsborough has always had,” said Christopher Jones, Bona Fide Sandwich Co.’s general manager, “which is sort of your romantic idea of a local sandwich shop.” The menu includes multitudes of...

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Flavor of the Week: One Fish Two Fish

One Fish Two Fish is a new attraction on Main Street in Carrboro, serving a local twist on a classic Hawaiian dish: poke, pronounced poh-kay. Co-owner Scott Kleczkowski described poke using a quote he once read: “sushi’s laid-back cousin.” One Fish Two Fish offers signature bowls of poke or a buffet-style option where you can make your own bowl and add ingredients such as ahi tuna, gochujang pork, coconut sticky rice, pineapples, edamame, avocado and more. However, unlike many restaurants, the servers delicately arrange the ingredients in a way that will please any picky Instagram-loving foodie. “It’s so colorful...

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