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Bring People to Orange County

As director of sales for the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau, I’ve learned a lot about what it means to “buy local.” It’s a simple idea with a lot of very important consequences for our towns, our county, our state and the nation. We’ve all seen the “Buy Local” decal in store windows, the sign at the farmer’s market, and the bright, cheerful logos for Local First North Carolina, Think North Carolina First. And many of us do just that, buy local because it feels good to support our local businesses. But there’s a lot more to it than that....

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Celebrating D.G. Martin Day in Chapel Hill

I am famous for having been the Democratic candidate to follow D.G. Martin’s congressional campaigns in Charlotte in 1984 and 1986. I ran in the same district in 1988 and 1990. Now I know how Roger Maris felt in 1961 when Mickey Mantle got injured and couldn’t make the full run for the home run title held at that time by Babe Ruth. D.G. Martin was the candidate that everybody in the Democratic Party wanted to go to Washington back in 1984 and 1986, and I was just a poor substitute when I tried to follow D.G.’s illustrious and...

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Explore Rural Orange County

As a resident of Chapel Hill, I admit I love the noise and bustle of a busy college town.  But, lately I wonder if many of us know as much about our rural countryside as we should? I think we need to stop and smell the roses.  Okay, maybe the tractors, too. Recently, I joined a committee that meets on a farm and discusses agricultural practices.  I’ll be honest.  The city girl in me rolled her eyes.  I’ve always been more comfortable around city lofts, skyscrapers, and noise.  Not so much John Deere and haystacks. But, what’s interesting is...

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Failed UNC Leadership and the ANOA

The UNC response to the amended notice of allegations by the NCAA is, sadly, a missed opportunity to demonstrate leadership against the corrupt quagmire of Big Time intercollegiate sports. In announcing the release of its response, the university unconvincingly and patronizingly claimed that “the question is whether the matters raised by the allegations meet the jurisdictional, procedural and substantive requirements of the NCAA constitution and bylaws—rules that govern athletics, not academic quality and oversight.” The UNC mission is “to serve as a center for scholarship, research, and creativity.” As UNC’s numerous investigations and initiatives attest, Big Time sports undermines...

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