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Art Chansky

Chansky’s Notebook: Bigger In Death

Jimmy V continues to be bigger in death than in life. Ever wonder why sports writers of Jim Valvano’s vintage are rarely caught upchucking with praise over him as more than the former N.C. State basketball coach and funny man? That’s because those who were in Valvano’s peer group see the irony, and perhaps paradox, in how Jimmy V’s life changed literally and figuratively when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1992. Valvano was a rogue, to put it mildly, as a coach who put himself first in almost everything he did. After taking the Cardiac Pack to the...

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Chansky’s Notebook: Another Classic

I spent the weekend Remembering the Titans. There are certain movies you can watch over and over like listening to your favorites songs. For me, it’s Pretty Women, Dirty Dancing, Sleepers, Love Actually and others that, when they come on cable TV, I sit mesmerized watching and waiting for my favorite scenes and lines to come up. I am among the millions for whom Remember the Titans is one of these movies. I watched it twice while battling a bug. And while Denzel Washington, as Coach Herman Boone, steals the show every time with his admirably tough job...

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