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Art Chansky

Chansky’s Notebook: The Untold Story From The 1936 Olympics

The 1936 Olympics Movie is a must see. Premiering in Chapel Hill this weekend is Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, a documentary about the 17 black athletes – besides Jesse Owens – who went to Berlin for the 1936 Olympic Games amidst protests at home for a boycott and a German facade belying its Aryan superiority and anti-Semitism known worldwide. The movie had a sneak preview Monday night but will play at Silverspot five more times this weekend. If you want to be moved to tears, pride, anger and heartache, you will go see the 90-minute doc produced by a...

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Chansky’s Notebook: Illinois Game Becomes Really Important

How big is the Illinois game now? REALLY big. The trouble with losing a game you almost had won leaves a bad taste in your mouth and can get in the way of preparations for the next game, which is Saturday night at Illinois. The Big Ten also-ran hardly looked like that in throttling Murray State in its opener, 52-3. Yes, Murray State is in the Ohio Valley Conference and went 3-9 last season. But Illinois under former Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith looked better than the team picked to finish seventh in Big 10 West. A lot better,...

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