Two main ingredients often associated with craft cocktails in the summer are cucumber and mint, which is precisely what you’ll find in the “Flying Cloud,” a cocktail now being served at OCSC in Carrboro.

Cucumbers have a subtle flavor profile and are known for clean, crisp, and cleansing properties. It’s easy for this particular vegetable to fade into the background, but a well-made mixed drink will allow them to shine through and remind you there’s cukes in your drinks. Unlike cucumber, which is almost senseless to the nose, you can smell mint a mile away. This herb can add a peppery, menthol-like punch to a drink, and fresh mint can even begin to taste of earthy leaves.

The Flying Cloud consists of Luksusowa vodka, a Polish potato-made spirit. Most vodkas are made from neutral grains such as corn, wheat or rye. There’s also St-Germain, a cordial made with elderflowers that adds a fragrant, floral twist. The drink is finished off with lime juice and served up in a rocks glass. All of these ingredients effectively mask the boozy vodka without sacrificing the integrity of the drink, keeping complexities front-and-center – much respect to the mixologist who designed the Flying Cloud. But, at a pricey $11, you won’t have to worry about having a few too many and getting tipsy. But maybe that the point of the price behind the Flying Could: it’s best enjoyed solo.

Orange County Social Club has been a staple of the town since 2001. The hammered copper bar is definitely one of the gems of this place. The club also hosts art shows, Carolina games and – once a year – a member appreciation concert in their gravel parking lot out back. Finding bands to play the event isn’t much of a problem, because many a musician has tended bar at the club. There’s a deep connection to the area’s local music scene to be found here. But the bar isn’t just musician-friendly, they also welcome your four-legged friends.

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