Another controversial bill on class sizes; a “buycott” to support a local living-wage employer; and CHALT promotes tiny homes (but where should they go?).

WCHL news director Blake Hodge joined Aaron to break down a new bill that addresses the #ClassSizeChaos issue – and for good measure, also fiddles with the NC Board of Elections and the governor’s power to fund mitigation efforts for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.


Susan Romaine of Orange County Living Wage and Margaret Pender of Victoria Park Florist (a living-wage employer) discuss a “buycott” to support Victoria Park Florist on Valentine’s Day.


Kimberly Brewer, April Kemper, and Sheila Creth of CHALT promote an upcoming forum on tiny homes in Chapel Hill (Monday, February 19, from 6:00-7:30 pm at the Chapel Hill Public Library).