6/11/18: Michael Jackson “Black or White” 

Michael Jackson was singing — and dancing — in my head today! “Black or White” has always been one of my favorites from him, for a whole bunch of reasons. It’s got some wide-ranging musical influences on display, and what you end up with is a fusion of dance music, hip hop and rock n’ roll that ends up being an anthem about diversity and racial harmony as only the King of Pop could deliver it!

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6/12/18: The Byrds “My Back Pages” 

Byrds were singing this mornig — yes, Byrds, not birds — in my head. These Byrds didn’t fly without a little help, because I’m talking about the Californian rock band that was enormously popular back in the ’60s!

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6/13/18: The Isley Brothers “Summer Breeze” 

The Isley Brothers started out as a vocal trio way back in 1954 – over 60 years ago! Originally from Cincinatti, Ohio, the band of real-life brothers grew as younger members of the family were added, and eventually these guys ended up being one of the longest-running, most influential acts in all of music history!

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6/14/18: Eddy Grant “Electric Avenue” 

I’ve always thought “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant was a happy song. I mean, it certainly sounds like it! I had never paid any particular attention to the words before, but when I woke with hearing it this morning I decided it was finally time to look up the lyrics. You know, just to be able to sing along and maybe even see what some of the words might mean. But, boy… this song is actually anything but happy!

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6/15/18: James Blunt “You’re Beautiful”

I hadn’t heard the music in my head today in quite some time. Or thought about it, to be honest. But back in 2004, you couldn’t help but think about it! James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” was a song you just couldn’t get away from – even if you tried. Which was fine by me! I actually liked the song quite a bit. Well, I did. Until I heard it about a million times, and got a little burned out on it.

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