1/8/18: Brick “Dazz”

Now, I’ve never been a big disco fan, but every once in a while I’ll run across a song that catches my attention. One of those is a delightful combination of disco and jazz that I woke up with pounding away in my brain this morning!

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1/9/18: The Tubes “She’s A Beauty” 

The Tubes were a rock band out of San Francisco, and they were a big-time group back in the early days of MTV. Fitting, that it was the Tubes that were big on the tube. I woke up with one of their songs in my head this morning, and I can’t seem to get it out!

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1/10/18: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band “Turn the Page” 

I love this guy, and I’ve even been accused of looking like him! His music is consistently incredible, he’s a master storytelling and gifted singer/songwriter and all around rock n’ roll musician. I’m talking about Bob Seger, of course!

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1/11/18: The Rolling Stones “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’”

I awoke this morning to the sound of the alarm clock, and Keith Richard’s guitar kicked in with the opening riff of a Stones song. Right away, I knew I was listening to one of the great tunes from the Stones’ 1971 album “Sticky Fingers!”

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1/12/18: Bad Company “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” 

I’ve got a real rocker for you today! It’s from Bad Company, the well-known English supergroup. Straight-ahead, hard rockin’, blow-you-away, foot-stompin’ rock n’ roll all the way, baby!

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