1/29/18: Creedence Clearwater Revival “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

John Fogerty was the leader of CCR, which led to problems with the band members getting along, and eventually to its break-up. While they were together, though, the guys cranked out some great music.

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1/30/18: Paul Revere & The Raiders “Let Me!”

Paul Revere & The Raiders were a group with humble beginnings in Boise, Idaho. I always thought of them as a West Coast band, but I guess it goes to show that where you’re from doesn’t always line up with where you’re going.

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1/31/18: Donovan “Catch The Wind”

He’s Scottish and his name is Donovan P. Leitch, but most everybody these days knows him as just “Donovan!”

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2/1/18: The Kinks “You Really Got Me” 

 It’s actually a famous guitar riff that I found pounding away in my brain this morning. It’s one you recognize, from The Kinks and the song that embedded them in pop culture forever: “You Really Got Me!”

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2/2/18: Lulu “Oh Me Oh My”

Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie sure does have an amazing voice. Of course, I’m talking about Lulu. If you don’t know who she is, get ready for a treat!

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