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A LOT of Tar Heels are participating in the Olympics – And not just athletes!

With the Opening Ceremonies tonight in Brazil; UNC is well represented! As WCHL’s Blake Hodge reported last week in a story you can find on; there are 17 current and former Tar Heel athletes vying for Olympic gold in Rio.

But this year, there is another group of Tar Heels making their Olympic debut. 29 students (including five student-athletes) from the University’s School of Media and Journalism are in Rio to cover the Olympics for the Olympic News Service and several North Carolina based media outlets.

UNC is one of only 2 Universities sending credentialed students to cover the games for the Olympic News Service; joining a group of students from the University of Memphis, led by Memphis professor and UNC School of Journalism alum, Dr. Roxanne Coche.

The UNC contingent is led by Senior Associate Dean, Charlie Tuggle. In a story from WCHL’s Daniela Ocampo posted on, Tuggle said, “A lot of TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, will be using our material about athletes, coaches, fans, whoever we happen to run into with North Carolina ties.” Tuggle continues, “Not too many people get to go into the venues, behind the curtain if you will, and these young people will be doing that.”

So as you watch the Olympics over the next 2 weeks and cheer on the USA, and the Tar Heel athletes, also support the UNC undergraduate journalists, by reading, and more importantly, by sharing their reports, stories, articles, and social media pictures and posts. You’ll be hearing from some of those reporters, right here on WCHLChapelboro.

A LOT of Tar Heels “Participating” in the Olympics, that’s our Good News Story of the Week!