UNC’s Finley Golf Course was first opened in 1949. In the decades since, it’s been re-designed, re-built, and is now presented as one of the premier golf locations in the South. Finley is a regular feature when it comes time to host major collegiate tournaments, and Mike Wilkinson — Finley’s Director of Golf — makes sure it all goes off without a hitch.

Wilkinson is a Chapel Hill native, and fields inquiries of all kinds as he plays his unexpected role of Orange County welcome wagon alongside his other duties. He knows where to go, what to eat, things to see — all valuable pieces of knowledge for visitors in town to play Finley. He’s got plenty of stories, from the course and about the people who have played on it. There’s a few regular celebrities who show up from time to time, including a specific Michael who doesn’t need his last name mentioned in the Southern Part of Heaven for everyone to know which Tar Heel he is.