5/13/20 – John Lennon “Imagine”

I woke up this morning thinking deep thoughts. Not the kind of “Deep Thoughts” Jack Handy used to have on “Saturday Night Live,” but deep thoughts about this Coronavirus pandemic. How I wish it was over.  How we are so deeply divided in this country, we can’t even agree on how to deal with it. Everybody hating on everyone else. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all that stuff!

I would guess that John Lennon was in a similar state of mind when he sat down at the piano to compose “Imagine.” He may have had different concerns and other reasons for being frustrated with the way things were at the time, but all the same. The only difference is that John had the ability to write great songs and I don’t.

So…here’s the song in my head today. It was a long time ago when he wrote it, and it’s become an anthem. So much so that everybody knows it. Here’s John Lennon…with “Imagine.”