6/12/19 – Huey Lewis & The News “Power of Love”

HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS! It may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of rock and roll music, but those guys made some mighty big records back in the 80’s. I had some HUEY LEWIS playing in my head first thing this morning, and I haven’t heard a lot of those guys lately. It’s kinda good to hear them again, actually. In 1983, HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS came out with an album called “SPORTS.” It was the #1 album in the country and before you know it, Huey and his guys were big stars! Not just here in America, but globally, as well. There wasn’t a bad cut on that whole album, by the way, with one hit after another. There was “Heart and Soul,” “I Want A New Drug,” and “The Heart of Rock & Roll.” “If This Is It.” “Walking On A Thin Line.” Those are all big singles from that one album. Later came a song called “Hip to Be Square.” And there are others, too. But the song that’s been pounding away in my head this morning is “THE POWER OF LOVE.” That’s the song that made its way into the movie, “Back To The Future,” which made HUEY’s band an even bigger deal.

I don’t know why, but a lot of people have forgotten all about HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS. I really can’t recall the last time I heard their music played on the radio. Except on my show. They really haven’t stuck around like a lot of other bands manage to do. But it’s great stuff. And at one time in the 80’s decade, they were on top of the world! So let me refresh your memory. Here’s HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS with “THE POWER OF LOVE.”