6/29/18: Keb Mo “Better Man”
This is a heavy one today.  We live in a time when people are slamming each other constantly.  Simply put, a lot of folks just aren’t very nice.
This seems to be the opposite of “a kinder, gentler America.”  I don’t know about you, but that really bothers me.  We seem to be getting farther and farther apart every single day.  It’s reached the point where it’s really difficult to agree to disagree; it’s become necessary to hate people who have different feelings than your own.  Seems that way to me, and it’s sad, frustrating, and maddening—all at the same time.  Yesterday, comes the news about the man who walked into a newspaper office with a shotgun and just started shooting people, who were there just trying to do their jobs.  I thought at first it was someone just trying to get back at the so-called “fake news.”  (Don’t get me started on that, please.) It turns out he had held a grudge against this particular newspaper for years, and he was angry about it.  I know people who knew some of those who lost their lives because of this guy. And it’s got to make anyone involved in the media—including yours truly—stop and think about how it could happen anywhere.  It’s terrifying.
Anyway, all that was weighing heavily on my mind last night and I went to sleep thinking about it.  As I’ve said before, music is an incredibly powerful force.  Naturally, I woke up this morning with a positive,  uplifting song in my head, and it immediately made me feel a little better.  Just a little.  Keb Mo’s “Better Man” was running through my head and I hummed it all the way to work in the car.  In case you don’t know, Kevin Roosevelt Moore, better known as “Keb’ Mo’, is an American blues musician.  He’s a great guitar player, a fine vocalist, and an accomplished songwriter, as well.  He’s won a bunch of Grammys, and he’s played with the best blues musicians out there.  Keb Mo draws from the Delta Blues, with elements of folk, rock, country, and jazz.  A few years ago, he did a song in collaboration with the “Playing For Change” Foundation.  That’s a multimedia music project seeking to bring peace throughout the world through music.  (Check out some of the great work these folks have done, featuring musicians all over the world!  It’s fantastic!)  In the video I’m featuring today, Keb Mo is sitting on the front porch with some other guys  doing a downhome version of “Better Man.”  If this doesn’t make you feel a little better, I don’t know what will.  Let’s all take it from Keb Mo and strive to be better people. I get inspired by this song.  Maybe it will work for you, too?