4/13/18: The Rascals “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long”

Back in the ‘60s, around the middle of the decade, a phenomenal band called The Young Rascals emerged from New Jersey. They eventually shortened that handle to just “The Rascals,” perhaps because they realized that every day you get a little bit older.

Anyway, starting in 1966 and going through 1968, The Rascals were just about permanent residents of the Top 20 charts. They rented a room at the top, and stayed there with a total of nine songs, from “Good Lovin’” and “Groovin’,” to “People Got to Be Free.” Those three songs all spent time occupying the coveted #1 spot.

Of course, the Rascals had a slew of other good tunes. “A Girl Like You” is a classic, as is “A Beautiful Morning.” “How Can I Be Sure” is one that got caught in a lot of heads and hearts, too! The song I woke up hearing this morning, though, was “I’ve Been Lonely Too Long.” The Rascals were one of the first groups, as far as I know, who were classified as “blue-eyed soul.” Audiences would go to see them live, and be surprised when they found out they were white!

It’s tough to sit still during this one, it’s definitely a toe-tapping get-out-of-your-seat kind of song. So, I’ll just get you get right to it! Enjoy the music in my head on this beautiful Friday!