4/11/18: Redbone “Come and Get Your Love” 

I’ve got a really catchy tune in my head this morning! It’s “Come and Get Your Love” from the funky Native American rock band “Redbone!”

Back in 1974, this was a mighty big song. You couldn’t walk a block without hearing it playing on somebody’s radio, and it shot all the way to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100! Redbone was an L.A.-based band led by two brothers: Patrick and Candido “Lolly” Vasquez-Vegas. The band was officially founded in 1969 when Patrick won a singing contest sponsored by Coca-Cola that came along with a short-term record deal. When they found themselves suddenly thrust into the music scene, they became a sometimes-backing band in the studio for some big names… names like James Brown, Little Richard and even Sonny & Cher!

Most of Redbone’s albums did decently well in terms of sales and popularity, but “Come and Get Your Love” really put them over the top in terms of success. The song was found on their fifth album, and Redbone is actually recognized as the first Native American group to have a song chart at #1 both in the United States and internationally.

The song we all heard on the radio this morning (and hear on the radio 90 percent of the time) starts off with a  drumbeat, and checks in about 3 and a half minutes long. So don’t let the song I’m about to play throw you in the beginning. It’s the 5 minute-long album version! There’s a couple differences, but I think it’s worth the little bit of extra time to get the full experience.