News Around Town: Fire, Don’t Fire

ORANGE COUNTY – Orange County may create new fire districts this year, in order to improve fire service and fire insurance ratings—to better protect homes and lower property insurance costs for homeowners. County officials...

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Recycling, The Official Religion

The recycling movement has finally become an official religion. Have you ever felt guilty for throwing that glass bottle into the trashcan, instead of the recycling bin? I believe the emotion of guilt should be reserved for...

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True Community in a Transient Town

Though I’ve been in the Chapel Hill area for over 25 years, I only began getting involved in the community a few years ago when I attended “Leadership Chapel Hill” through the Chamber of Commerce. I thoroughly enjoyed that...

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The Psalm 100 Fiasco

Psalm 100, a Christian a capella group at UNC, kicked out one of its members because because he’s gay and OK with it. I have so many issues with what happened. I firmly believe in gay rights, whether it’s fighting discrimination...

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It’s Just Not That Simple!

Being at Town Hall on Monday May 9th, I observed the Town Council as it struggled with the Special Use Permit (SUP) for the Inter Faith Council for Social Service’s (IFC) proposal to build a new men’s 52-bed transitional...

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