Matt Kupec


Like many friends of UNC, I am saddened by the resignation of Chancellor Holden Thorp. His talents as a scholar, entrepreneur, and academic leader illuminate what is best about UNC.  He has acted with dignity during the past two...

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Greatest Comeback EVER… Almost

It was Sept 15, 2012. Not March 2, 1974. This time Walter Davis missed. OK, it would never have supplanted “8 down with 17 seconds to play” regardless.    It was not in Carmicheal. It was in a stadium named for a pizza mogul in...

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What Was He Thinking?

When Matt Kupec played football for Carolina, he was one of the smartest quarterbacks ever to wear the Tar Heel uniform.   In the final minute of the last regular-season game in his true freshman year, he perfectly executed the...

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A Way Out

You remember the classic Kevin Costner movie in which he seemingly had No Way Out of his pickle as a double secret agent?   Carolina avoided that dilemma in the first phase of a path to restore its reputation and integrity. It...

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