Kristen Smith

Focus on Women Entrepreneurs (5 of 5)

So, it’s literally impossible for me to make any kind of list without including Oprah. And I certainly cannot leave her off a list of women entrepreneurs. Her story continues to amaze me. A woman of color who survived and overcame abuse and trauma to become a broadcaster, publisher, and philanthropist.

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I Second That E-Motion

Fifth Week**: Cinemagram. Now, I enjoy a good app as much as the next guy, but I’ll admit I take to them a little slower than most because I don’t have an iPhone. My Droid 3 has a pull-out keyboard, which is awesome, but it gets...

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Party Animals

The Triangle, especially Chapel Hill, is considered a really smart place — where there are more PhDs per capita than any other metropolitan statistical area [still looking for the citation, but I really have heard it from...

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My two cents on the quarter-cent

 About twenty-five years ago, I was a young girl attending Carrboro Elementary and listened to my dad record a PSA in support of funding for our schools on this radio station. I never would have guessed that twenty-five years...

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