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DPAC's Lord of the Dance

Dancing has never been my forte. For me, just being able to sway to the beat could be considered an accomplishment. So naturally, I’m amazed by anyone who can not only dance, but is so good they can entertain other people!...

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A Refresher Course on Freshening Up

Did you know that most of the dirt and germs we come in contact with on a daily basis get stuck under our fingernails and cuticles? This makes sense because we use our fingertips to touch objects all day long, including things...

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Chopping Broccoli

The evenings and early mornings are beginning to feel crisp so my mind has turned to gardening in the fall. Upon the advice of my mother, I just planted broccoli, lettuce and cabbage. I also saw collards, cauliflower and kale...

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A New Puppy

I sit here at my desk, trying to focus on typing an intelligent and witty column.  Instead, I find myself distracted every few minutes by the little movements and noises of Poppy, the adorable 3-pound wonder fast asleep on my...

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Eating While Parenting

So I had my baby! That’s right, about 1 month ago I took a hiatus from most of my writing to engage in the miracles of miracles and give birth. Things went great and we’re all settled in now with a newborn and a 2 ½ year...

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Help! Help! I'm Being Depressed!

For those who love Monty Python’s and the Holy Grail as much as I do, you will notice that this is a modification on the famous dialogue between the King Arthur, ruler of the Britons, and Dennis, the peasant who did not vote for...

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